As Yurtiçi Lojistik, we define our corporate identity as a company that continuously develops in the sector in which we operate, open to change, attaching importance to trust, mutual respect and love in the working environment. Within this framework, we consider it one of our most important responsibilities to win new colleagues who will work in harmony with the values of the community and take the institution further with its contributions.

Our vision and strategies to bring the manpower to our team, to continuously improve our business processes, to monitor individual performance, performance-enhancing training and career development opportunities, determines our company's approach to human resources management.

Our aim as Yurtiçi Lojistik;                                                            

  • To ensure customer satisfaction and loyalty under all circumstances
  • To be realiable and honest.
  • To be sensitive and respectful to society and environment.
  • To have quality awareness.
  • To be aware of its responsibilities.
  • Being result oriented.
  • To be creative and participatory.
  • Bringing suggestions, producing solutions.
  • To have effective communication skills.
  • To carry all these features in every area of their lives.


In Yurtiçi Lojistik, our aim is to make the definition and planning of the manpower required in the future in line with the corporate strategies and to meet both the organizational targets and the individual targets of the employees by directing the existing employees within the framework of this plan. Main target of our career architecture is to determine potentials by analyzing the existing workforce and helping people to shape their careers by evaluating them in line with their competencies.

Personal development (Performance) evaluations, which are applied annually reveal the aspects of the employees to open to improvement. In our company, personal development evaluations are conducted in the form of open interviews for all our employees. Performance evaluation results form is important data for career planning, training and wage management systems.


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